Are you a total beginner? Perfect!  Are you an intermediate player to want to blast your playing to the net level? Boom!!! Yes! Are you and advanced player looking to reinvigorate your playing? Whatever your guitar education needs are, I will fulfill them!
What sets me apart from every teacher in South Florida is that I am internationally a recognized professional guitar teacher who has been teaching for over 30 years! 
I taught at University of Miami Frost School of Music for 17 years, where I received both my Bachelor and Master of Music Degrees. In addition, I have taught internationally, at Miami Killian High School, and I currently teach at the Miami International University of Art & Design in the Audio program (for the past 12 years). I love teaching beginners as much as I enjoy teaching famous people and all levels in between
Whether you’re a total beginner picking up the guitar for the first time, an intermediate player wanting to super-charge your playing, a guitarist prepping for a music school audition, or an advanced guitarist trying to sharpen and expand your skill set, Miami Guitar Workshop offers you encouragement, teaching methods with proven results and proper focus on the magic of creative expression.
I understand learning guitar is more than learning songs and more than knowing where to put your fingers. It’s about expressing yourself! Getting to your well of creativity is where the real magic lives! Tap into it and you will truly feel what it is to Play for Your Life! Check out some of my students