Student videos are a brilliant way of displaying various levels of progress. It takes quite a bit of skill, hard work, and courage to get in front of the camera and let it just happen! These students have enjoy a variety of styles and they are all at different skill levels.


Natalie was a songwriting student of mine!

Check out Adrian! He has been working on the “Hotel California” solo for a few weeks. This is the first time Adrian has ever played it on video. Great Stuff!

Kathy came to me with a dream of being able to accompany herself while singing her original songs. She accomplished her goals and continues to push beyond them. Lovely stuff, Kathy!

Wayne had literally played guitar for only 5 minutes before we decided to record this. Even as a total beginner he is making musical sounds! He picked up his first chord (E minor) very quickly, so I asked him if we could record this moment and he was game… Well done, Wayne!!!

My former student Ryan Parrino on the road with Michael Bolton playing a smoldering blues rock solo!

Brandon has a light-bulb-moment when he learns how to do a pull-off within a chord for the first time ever!!

Here’s Adrian again tackling Slash’s solo on G&R’s, “Don’t Cry.”

Gaby plays her first moving double-stop blues lick! Rock On, Native Youth!

That glorious moment when Ryan got the verse chords to “Wonderwall” down!

Christian shows how to do some funky slapping. Keepin’it funnnkay!

My very good friend Andrew Synowiec is first-call LA studio session guitarist and my former student. Here he is playing with LA session wizard Karl Verheyen.