“I met Professor O’Kane when I first started my university years, I had no clue what I was doing or how to get to where I wanted to go. More than a guitar teacher, Prof. O’Kane became a mentor to me. At first he guided me with the guitar and later on we customized the class towards songwriting. What differentiates him as a teacher is that he does not see it solely as a business, he truly cares about your development as a person towards whatever goal you are set on achieving! Up until this day he still sends me information that he thinks might be helpful to me and is always there when I need musical advice! If you decide to invest in his services, you are not only signing up for lessons with a music pro, you are also getting a mentor that will go beyond your expectations.”

Kathy Palma
Bachelor of Science, Audio
Miami International University of Art and Design, 2016

“He was a big help to me for a number of years in my teaching studio at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami”.
Randall Dollahon
Professor Emeritus
Frost School of Music
Studio Music and Jazz Department

“I was fortunate enough to have Professor O’Kane as my teacher for nearly all of my time at University Miami. Throughout the course of those years, his skill, professionalism, creativity, and most of all, care and guidance, gave me the inspiration and the tools that have been the foundation of my career as a performing musician.”

Adam Zimmon
Studio/Touring Guitarist for Shakira, Iggy Pop, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Dido, Ziggy Marley, Alfred Pee Wee Ellis, Page McConnell, Alejandro Sanz,
University of Miami, Frost School of Music – B.M. 1995 Music Industry/Jazz Guitar

“I can honestly say during my first year at The University of Miami, my playing and knowledge of theory grew exponentially under the tutelage of Professor O’Kane. The concepts I learned, I still use to this day. He is a consummate educator and a passionate musician, and I’m thankful for what he has taught me.”

RJ Ronquillo

Session/Touring Guitarist
TuPac, Ricky Martin, Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight, DMX, Inner Circle, Chayanne, Santana,Thompson Square, and more!

“Having taught many years along with Professor O’Kane at the University of Miami, I was very impressed his high degree of professionalism, his artistic integrity, and his dedication to the students, the music and his colleagues. That he is a wonderful composer and performer is the icing on the cake. This boy is good!”

Ron Miller
Professor Emeritus,
Pianist, Composer, and Educator
University of Miami

“Few people can say they’ve had the privilege to learn from someone who is not only an expert in their field, but a true role model. I am very lucky to say I have learned from one of the best. As a teacher, he goes the extra mile for all of his students, no matter what level they are. I am honored to say he has become not only a mentor to me, but a personal friend. I highly recommend professor O’Kane to anyone who truly wants to gain knowledge and master the techniques of playing the guitar, music theory, improvisation, or songwriting.”

Adonis Lugo
On Air Radio/TV Talent (iHeart Media)
MFA Film/Post Production
Miami International University of Art and Design, 2016

“I was actually a classical voice major with the intention of being a singer-songwriter when I got the opportunity to study guitar and songwriting with Professor O’Kane at the University of Miami. He was a great teacher for me because his  experience as a professional songwriter. Plus, he had the ears and the vision to help me make the harmony of the guitar tighter with the melody on the songs. Through his teaching I was able to understand my own songwriting process and I found his focus and great creative energy really encouraging and helpful as I tried new song forms and worked on branching outside my comfort zone to learn more about the craft.”

Natalie Gelman
California based Singer/Songwriter
University of Miami, Frost School of Music
B.M. 2006, Vocal Department

“Studying with Prof. O’Kane was an invaluable experience. He was able to instantly identify areas in my playing that needed improvement and offer practical solutions. In addition, he offered a wealth of practical information relating to issues that working musicians encounter. This real-world approach was truly integral to my success as a professional musician and I continue to draw on it everyday in the studio and on the bandstand.”

Andrew Synowiec
Los Angeles based Studio Guitarist
University of Miami, Frost School of Music
M.M. 2004, Studio Music and Jazz

“I met Mr. O’Kane when I entered my first music theory class in the beginning of my university years. As somebody with a musical background already, I was pretty skeptical into whether I could learn anything from the class, but right off the bat Mr. O’Kane proved me wrong and showed his immense knowledge and passion for music. He definitely gained my trust and respect as a teacher throughout all of the classes I took with him. If you get the opportunity to study with Mr. O’Kane, you can expect a high level of professionalism and also a great humble individual who really cares about his students.”

Enzy Cruz
Bachelor of Science, Audio Production
Miami International University of Art and Design, 2017

“I have known Professor O’Kane for several years and have shared musical experiences with him in working and teaching situations. He is a phenomenal musician as well as a very dedicated and involved educator. Aside from being an incredibly well rounded player in all styles, he is also a very intensive instructor, catering to the unique needs of every musician.”

Camilo Velandia
Session and Touring Guitarist
Julio Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Jon Secada

When I think about professor O’Kane, I think about the way he makes sure his students understand music with passion and determination. He goes the extra mile for his students so they can grow musically in a professional way. I personally started deeply lost in terms of music/ theory, but after a couple of months I got to a level I never imagined. He takes his time with each step and makes you understand it’s ok to work “slow and steady,” as long as the lesson is a 100% understood… not only for the class but for our personal skills and goals as well. I’m thankful and feel lucky to have him as an instructor, and I look forward to keep on expanding my knowledge with this caring individual.

Vanessa Blanco
Bachelor of Science, Audio Production
Miami International University of Art and Design, 2017

“When I arrived at my first semester of music school, I had a lot to learn about jazz guitar. I was fortunate to have Professor O’Kane as my first guitar teacher at the college level. He was able to quickly assess my playing level and design a customized program to help accelerate my progress. He showed me what to practice and how to practice more effectively. He shared a wealth of playing tips and exercises, while always keeping lessons fresh, fun, and informative. With Professor O’Kane’s help, I was able to rapidly improve my guitar playing and eventually become a part of some of the more advanced performing ensembles at my school. After graduating Cum Laude, I have been able to successfully pursue a career as a full-time musician and music teacher.”

Adam Harrell
University of Miami, Frost School of Music
B.M. 2005, Studio Music and Jazz

“I started Jazz guitar lessons at Miami-Dade College for about 2 years. I then took 6 months off to travel around Europe. When I returned to Miami I decided to audition at the University of Miami Frost School of Music. I had 4 months to prepare for my first audition, so I contacted Professor O’Kane to help prepare me. I passed my audition, and I am now a sophomore at the University of Miami Frost School of Music. Whether you are trying to get into music school, or you just want to become a better player/musician I highly recommend studying with Professor O’Kane.”

Jorge Delgado
University of Miami Frost School of Music
Music Engineering
Class of 2010

“Professor O’Kane is one of a kind. Not only is he a great guitarist and instructor but also a great human being and a great sense of humor. His guidance has helped my establish a career as a professional guitarist. I highly recommended studying with him.”

Robb Torres
Los Angeles based Guitarist/Songwriter
Robbery Inc., Trapt,
Redlight King, Debi Nova, Tamia

“Prof. O’Kane has a thorough knowledge and approach to the instrument that is steeped in tradition and yet completely modern. His teaching method provided a solid foundation that allowed me to succeed at the University level and it continues to have an impact on me today in the real world as a professional musician.”

David Metzner
University of Miami, Frost School of Music
B.M. 1995, Studio Music and Jazz
Apples and Oranges Music

“I had the privilege to meet professor O’Kane the first day of University. I immediately recognized his wisdom and capability of teaching. Not only is Professor O’Kane incredibly talented and knowledgeable in his craft, but he is an amazing human being. He is selfless and genuinely cares for his students success. He is always there when you need him and is always willing to help you improve and achieve your goals. I’m so grateful that he’s shared his knowledge with me and through that he’s helped me become well rounded and molded into a better musician”

Amanda Ruiz
Bachelor of Science, Audio Production
Miami International University of Art and Design, Class of 2020

“Besides being knowledgeable about every style and the most modern aspects of guitar, Professor O’Kane also has the rare ability to teach the fundamentals at a solid and understandable level. Jazz Guitar can be very confusing and frustrating, however Professor O’kane maps it out so you can grasp Jazz music very quick.”

Sam Petitti
University of Miami, Frost School of Music
BM 2008, Studio Music and Jazz

“Studying with Prof. O’Kane accelerated my playing drastically. He emphasized practical skills that helped me both in music school and as a professional musician. He is a great player and teacher. His experience as a musician and educator allows him to provide the student with the skills necessary for his or her individual needs.”

Ben Herzig
Hairspray National Tour,
The Wedding Singer National Tour
B.A. University of Miami, Frost School of Music 2006

“Professor O’Kane was one of my favorite professors during my time at Miami International University of Art and Design. Professor O’Kane because saw potential in me and was one of the few professors that truly tried to push his students further. I am honored to be able to say I had him as a professor and I took a lot from his teachings.”

Jason Johnson
Bachelor of Science, Audio Production
Miami International University of Art and Design, 2016

“I’ve known Professor O’Kane for many years now and had the pleasure of playing music with him while I was at the University of Miami. As a player, Professor O’Kane has all of the qualities that you’d want in a musical compatriot. He has great technique, is a fantastic listener and really knows how to share the musical space in any given ensemble. The fact that he has now brought all of these elements to his teaching is something every student can use for their entrance into the world of music. The fact that he is an incredible human being is just the icing on the cake.”

Ed Toth
Doobie Brothers/Vertical Horizon
B.M. 1994 University Of Miami School Of Music

“Professor O’Kane’s instrumental chops range from Jazz and Acoustic Guitar to Irish Uilleann Pipes and other exotic instruments ideal for performance in a variety of settings. This versatile musician has also been known to compose for guitar ensembles and even sing as well.

“I started taking private guitar lessons with Professor O’Kane when I was in tenth grade. Up until that point, all my teachers had merely taught me how to play rock guitar riffs and songs from tablature. His instruction really opened my eyes to everything these other teachers were neglecting to show me. He taught me proper technique, encouraged me to read music rather than tablature, and introduced me to the essential elements of a variety of musical styles. Those first few years were like guitar boot camp, and they shaped my musical path for many years to come.

“As a result of all the encouragement, I was very motivated to become the best musician I could be. In fact, after I graduated high school, I decided to pursue a degree in Studio Music and Jazz Performance from the University of Miami. Because I had three years of lessons, I was completely prepared for my audition. Professor O’Kane knew how to prepare me for the college audition, and he taught me the repertoire and various skills I needed to get accepted into the program. Within a few years, I was playing in the top guitar ensemble, as well as some of the premier small group ensembles at the school.

“While I eventually decided to pursue a career in law, my experience at UM and my lessons with Professor O’Kane prepared me for many of the challenges I have faced since graduating with a BA in 2000. Even though I am now a practicing attorney, I continue to write and record my own music and occasionally perform in various venues around South Florida. If it weren’t for Professor O’Kane I can honestly say I would never have accomplished many of the things I did, both in music and in life.

Brian S. Jacobson
Stephens Lynn Klein LaCava Hoffman & Puya, P.A.
University of Miami, Frost School of Music
Studio Music and Jazz Program
B.M. 2000

“When I came to the University of Miami to study Jazz Guitar I was not very familiar with Jazz music. Professor O’kane started me off with unique exercises and transcriptions, which helped me learn Jazz songs and more importantly gave me ways to approach new ones. His exercises helped my soloing abilities immensely, which gave me confidence as a player. In the past year Professor O’kane has gone on to teach me about writing and arranging for guitar, as well as music products and recording techniques; he has a great amount of knowledge in many facets of music.”

Dave Chaletzky
University of Miami, Frost School of Music
Class of 2008, Music Business

“During my time as a student at the University of Miami, I had the good fortune to study with Professor O’Kane. We developed a strong friendship, which has lasted for many years Professor O’Kane is an attentive and dedicated teacher. I have seen him effectively teach material to Instrumentalists across a broad range of styles and abilities. I believe that what makes him such a good teacher; he is always a student of the art of teaching. He has an unquenchable thirst for learning. During the time I have known him. he has mastered several instruments and styles of music. I believe that working with Professor O’kane will provide an honest and insightful perspective, along with lots of helpful tips and tricks for any student who wishes gain acceptance into and study music at an the University level. “

Jamie Propp,
Music Producer, NYC
As Is Entertainment Inc.
University of Miami, Frost School of Music
B.A. 1994, Studio Music and Jazz

“If there’s anybody that has the experience as a player, educator, and person on what it takes to be up to snuff on getting into a great music program it’s Professor O’Kane. He has the ears of a true musician to hear the strengths and weaknesses in someone’s playing right away. And he knows what works to help a player of any level improve. I have learned lifelong tools from Professor O’kane that I consistently use to improve my playing. It’s all about details and nuts and bolts in getting your playing together and Professor O’kane will show you the way.”

Josh Bassett
Recording Artist (Los Angeles)
University of Miami, Frost School of Music
B.A. 2004, Studio Music and Jazz

“During my four years in the University of Miami Jazz Program, where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Bass Performance, I had the privilege of being in numerous ensembles coached by Professor O’Kane. Of all the teachers at that great school, he stood out to me as one of the most effective due to his wealth of knowledge in the intricacies of performance, equipment usage and maintenance, and the etiquette and manor in which every musician needs to behave as a professional. There was an awesome mix of creativity and purpose in everything we did, and we covered the gamut. He’s truly an exceptional educator, musician, and friend.”

Rajan Purcell
UM Alumni, Class of 2005
University of Miami, Frost School of Music
B.A. 2004, Studio Music and Jazz (Bass)

“I have known Professor O’Kane for almost 18 years as a colleague and fellow musician. He has proven himself to be a valuable educator in the Studio Music and Jazz program at the Frost School of the University of Miami — a program which owns the highest reputation throughout the music community. He is skillful in teaching all genres of music, and performs his duties with the utmost professionalism. Professor O’kane is truly an asset to the world of music education.”

Steve Rucker
Director of Drumset Studies
Frost School of Music University of Miami

“With a vast range of knowledge and experience to draw upon, Prof. O’Kane was able to immediately dissect my playing, and then go on to structure a program geared toward my specific growth. From the first day of studying music at the university level, he was an important mentor for myself and other young musicians with a common desire to learn. From jazz to blues to country and beyond, Prof. O’kane gave me the keys to unlock my musical awakening. My pursuit ever since has been fruitful. I thank him for that.”

Sam Friend
Seattle based singer/songwriter
Frost School of Music University of Miami
BM Music Business/Jazz Guitar Principal

“Professor O’Kane was one of my instructors at the University of Miami Studio Music and Performance program. He introduced me to a new world of sound, and critical thinking skills. He was creative enthusiastic, and highlighted many of the critical ingredients that go into becoming successful as a guitar player and musician. I still practice the concepts he introduced me to years ago.”

Jeremy Goldsmith
NYC based studio/touring guitarist
Frost School of Music University of Miami
B.A. 2000, Studio Music and Performance

“I used to drive 2 plus hours to study with Professor O’Kane. Every minute spent driving to/from lessons was well worth it to be enlightened by his incredible capabilities as a teacher and a player. It was amazing for me, as he opened a whole new corridor of opportunities for my playing; the wisdom and knowledge he’s passed on to me will influence my playing for a lifetime. His Lessons were always interesting, challenging, and immensely informative. He could target weaknesses and provide logical, efficient exercises and techniques to correct area of struggle. I just hope I get some time off this summer to take some more lessons. Thank you so much!”

Christian Davis
Broward County Public School Music Teacher
Florida Keys Community College
Associates in Arts 2009

“Professor O’Kane is a musician, guitarist and educator who is the real deal. He is the kind of rare individual who covers all the bases better than most cover one. He is at home with most styles of music (jazz, rock, country, traditional, funk, avant garde etc.) both in the classroom and on the stage. He is an exceptional player and a dedicated teacher who I highly recommend!”

Joe Paulovkin
Professional Guitarist
BM Duquesne University 1977
MM University of Miami 1979

“He is a dedicated teacher and coach, eager to impart his musical knowledge, experience, and most importantly, his enthusiasm to budding musicians. He has much to offer to those preparing to further their education and careers in music.”

Rachel L. Lebon, Ph.D.
Coordinator of Jazz Voice
Professor, Frost School of Music
University of Miami